Best Karaoke/KTV lounges in North New Jersey

Recently we had moved from Queens to New Jersey and had been fascinated with exploring its may towns.  New Jersey also has a great view of the city with Edgewater showcasing the beautiful city skyline across the Hudson River and amazing/authethic Korean Food you can find up in Fort Lee/Palisades Park.  Besides restaurants and delicious pochas we had explored, here our best karaoke/KTV lounges in New Jersey!

Rock 21

400 Bergen Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650

Rock 21 Karaoke is a newly opened karaoke bar located in the heart of Palisades Park.  Each room is equipped with state of the art karaoke machines in addition to a full bar and kitchen.  The karaoke machines have wide variety of songs including different languages to choose from and select desired tones. They have a wide variety of Korean/American bar drinks and foods including dried squids and ramen that you can select and enjoy with your friends and family.

Volume Up Karaoke

880 River Rd #2fl, Edgewater, NJ 07020

This festive karaoke place is located in Edgewater with an amazing view of the city skyline.  THey have a varying size of private rooms.  Price is on their website but can be $10 per person for each room which is a steal price!  Keep in mind this place is bring your own booze and food which is conveniently located many supermarkets such as whole food so you can stock up on your favorite snacks!  You can also See what songs are available ahead of time at:

SooSang Han Pocha

243 Broad Ave, Palisades Park, NJ 07650

This karaoke bar is actually sort of an speakeasy vibe nestled in the basement of this very vibrant pocha.  Soo sang han pocha is one of the most popular pochas in New Jersey.  Pocha is typically an outside tent with drinks and hearty Korean food that has revamped to a hang out young friends to gather and meet/drink. Our friends love to have a delicious meal with drinks and have our third round in their downstairs karaoke rooms to end a perfect drinking night! 

Cafe Ssum & Karaoke

If you like to explore more speakeasy karaoke bars, this cafe, located in Palisades park sells delicious food like spicy rice cake, cheese corn dog uring the day and opens until 2 am so you can have a karaoke battle with your friends.  This is the perfect way to the end a night catching up with your girls over sweets to singing your heart with your girlfriends! 

Koreatown in New Jersey, including Fort lee, Palisades Park, is not only known for its authentic Korean cuisine and bustling markets but also boasts a lively karaoke scene. From traditional karaoke bars to modern entertainment venues, New Jersey Koreatown offers an array of options for enthusiasts seeking to showcase their vocal talents. The atmosphere is electric, with the sounds of K-pop hits and classic tunes resonating through the streets. Whether you're a seasoned singer or a wanting to hang out with friends, keep these places in  mind when visiting New Jersey! 

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