Best Usher Karaoke Songs

If you’re a 90s kid watching this year’s Super Bowl, it was really hard not to sing along and jive to Usher’s lively performance. He brought out throw backs like Alicia Keys, Lil Jon and Black Eyed Pea’s  With discography that spans decades, this 45 year old has consistently proven his work and talent to be performing at the Super Bowl.  Here are our top Usher karaoke songs to sing at your next karaoke with our 101Karaoke system!

You make me wanna

Embrace your inner R&B king with this iconic debut song released in 1997.  This song was the start of the Usher fever and portrays struggles of being in a love triangle. Every 90s kid have heard this blasting through the radio while growing up and remember it’s catchy rhythms.  Find this song in our song list at 45234 

U Got It Bad 

If anyone’s ever been infatuated with a crush or lover, this song is the one for you.  This R&B hit written with Jermaine Dupri depicts a hopelessly in love Usher with a girl who he actually brought to the studio!  This remains one of Usher’s early hits that established him as an R&B heartthrob.  The smooth groove and seductive lyrics make it a timeless choice for an intimate karaoke night.  You can find this song on our karaoke system by pressing 233403


Usher’s Burn was released in 2004 and explores the powerful impact of heartbreak, love lost and internal struggle to move on. Whether you are going through a tough heartbreak or reminiscing your toxic ex, this song will emotionally captivate your karaoke crowd.   On your karaoke system, you can type in 49247 and sing along with our system! 

DJ got us fallin in love

Certain songs have the power to transcend time and become anthems. This feel good anthem was the most played and hottest track in the nightclub scene.  “DJ got us falling in love” is a collaboration with Pitbull released in 2010 which still remains a favorite on dance floors whether in birthdays, weddings, nightclubs or karaoke rooms. Press 260109 on our karaoke system to sing this at your next karaoke party!



Yeah yeah yeah! This iconic song sung with Lil Jon and Ludacris was released in 2004 and caused a storm in the music scene.  Ludacris's rap verse adds a dynamic layer to the song, and sets up a hype to this song. "Yeah" not only dominated charts but also became a cultural phenomenon, its catchy chorus and party-ready vibes making it a staple in clubs and social gatherings.  

Caught up

I'm so (Caught up) Got me feeling it (Caught up)~
"Caught Up" by Usher is a high-energy R&B and pop fusion that embodies the  thrill of infatuation. Released in 2004, the song features Usher's signature smooth vocals layered over an infectious beat, creating a dynamic and danceable track. The lyrics tell the tale of a whirlwind romance, where emotions run high, and the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred.   Check out 48471 on our karaoke system and give this song a play! 

My boo

One of the best duets to pick for your R&B themed karaoke night! This lovely duet with Alicia Keys is a beautiful love ballad that explores possibility of rekindling a past romance.  The chemistry between Alicia Keys and Usher was what made this  song so precious and even till this day it was visible on that Super Bowl stadium.  Go press 49997 on our karaoke system and sing this duet with your boo ;) 

Usher is a musical and R&B legacy with hits that transcend time and generations.  Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering Usher’s music, these hits are recognized by almost everyone.  So press, play, let the music flow and channel your inner Usher with our 101Kararoke system! 

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