Which Karaoke system is the best?

We have many karaoke sets for home in our product line and it might be hard to choose between the different functions/price points.

That being said I'll walk you through which system is best fit for you!

For basic home use, I would suggest the 15.6" 4T system.  This is our best seller for a good reason.  The screen size is not too big or small which makes it portable.  It doesn't take up too much space for storage which makes it great for casual use.  

The 19" systems have a bigger screen with a sleek design for just a little more.

The KV-MAX bundle is by far the best system. 

It has a standing screen, amplifier and equalizer, and the best microphones to pair with it.  

All of our systems use the same software and connects to the same song database!

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