Proper Karaoke (KTV) Etiquette

Many forms of entertainment have a set of rules to follow or etiquette to go by.  This includes our favorite activity, Karaoke.  

Don't be a mic hog.

We've all experienced this before, and we get it, you can't wait to sing your favorite Bruno Mars sad boy song to everyone.  Karaoke is supposed to be a fun time for everyone around you so you should share the mic!  A good way to avoid mic hogging is picking group songs like some good old Backstreet Boys songs or boy/girl band songs.  The end of the night is usually a good time to hog the mic because that's when everyone is tired of singing already.

Don't be that guy/girl who refuses to sing at least once.

If you agree to go to a karaoke night, your friends are most likely going to try to pressure you to sing at least one song.  Don't be shy, no one cares if you aren't the best singer in the world and enjoy yourself! Pick a fun song and let loose!

Be social, don't judge others.

Karaoke isn't about trying to audition for the next American Idol.  Don't make fun of those who can't carry a tune or the tone deaf. Remember that you're there to have fun and meet new people so make sure to introduce yourself, have some drinks, and enjoy the music!



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