Best summer K-Pop karaoke songs

We've got you covered with our Top 10 Korean Karaoke Songs List:

Summer is here, and what better way to embrace the hot sunny days than with the catchy beats and vibrant energy of Korean Karaoke pop music? K-Pop has taken the world by storm, and its upbeat tunes and colorful visuals perfectly complement this summer season. Whether you're hitting the beach, going on a road trip, or simply enjoying a lazy afternoon, we've curated a playlist of the best Korean karaoke songs that will make your summer unforgettable. So grab your sunscreen, put on your shades, and get ready to dance to the rhythm of the hottest Korean pop karaoke songs!

1. "Butter" - BTS

 Kicking off our summer playlist is the global sensation BTS with their chart-topping hit "Butter."  BTS is a seven member popular boy group owned by Hybe with global hits including Dynamite, Fake Love, Boy with Luv. This feel-good track radiates positivity, encouraging you to let loose and dance like nobody's watching. And speaking of dance music, the lyrics to "Butter" actually reference two of pop's biggest icons: Michael Jackson and Usher. Quite literally the song opens with Jungkook singing, "Smooth like butter / Like a criminal undercover," a nod to Michael's 1988 hit, "Smooth Criminal." With its funky disco vibe and catchy chorus, "Butter" is the perfect karaoke song for any summer karaoke party

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2. "How You Like That" - BLACKPINK

 BLACKPINK's "How You Like That" is a powerful anthem that exudes confidence and empowerment. In the song, the girls sing about wanting it all after overcoming difficult obstacles. They talk about once feeling lost without their wings, but that they have since come out soaring and flying higher than ever before. Unlike other girl groups, BLACKPINK brings a different type of energy.  This fierce and dynamic song is sure to pump up your confidence and energy level, making it a fantastic choice as your entrance karaoke song! 

3. "Love Scenario" - iKON

"Love Scenario" by iKON is a heartwarming and melodic track that's perfect for a sentimental karaoke moment. iKON is a six membered Korean group formed by YG entertainment consisting of members including Jay, Song, Bobby, DK, Ju-ne and Chan.  The song achieved substantial popularity, especially from kindergarteners and elementary schoolers due to its easy-to-follow melodies and lyrics. With its simple yet powerful lyrics and emotional melody, this karaoke song will strike a chord with everyone in the room.

4. "Fancy" - TWICE

 TWICE's "Fancy" is a delightful and addictive song that showcases the group's signature charm and catchy tunes. The lively chorus and empowering lyrics will have you and your friends feeling like superstars on stage, creating a truly unforgettable Korean karaoke experience.

5. "Red Flavor" -Red Velvet

 Red Velvet: Red Velvet's "Red Flavor" is a sweet and refreshing song that captures the essence of summer. The fruit-infused music video has a colorful summer theme that features all five members singing about love in the summer.  This song had even tough Korean army guys sing and dance along. With its fruity and vibrant visuals, this track will have you feeling like you're indulging in a juicy watermelon on a hot day. So grab your friends and sing this fruity song at you next summer karaoke party! 

6. "Love Shot" - EXO

If you're looking for a seductive and sultry summer anthem, look no further than EXO's "Love Shot." This smooth R&B-infused track is perfect for those warm summer nights, igniting sparks and setting the mood for a memorable evening. With its captivating melody and soulful vocals, "Love Shot" effortlessly draws you in from the very first note. Moreover, the evocative lyrics add an extra layer of passion, making it an ideal choice for a romantic rendezvous or a laid-back gathering with friends. So, whether you're planning a cozy date night or a fun-filled summer party, "Love Shot" is guaranteed to be the ultimate addition to your playlist. Let this alluring tune sweep you away into a world of summer romance and enchantment.

7. “7 days”- JungKook (BTS)

The group's youngest member, Jungkook, has officially launched his solo era with this viral hit that has everyone singing and reciting the days of the week.  The song debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and the Global 200.  Lyrically, "Seven" is a romantic serenade about wanting to spend every moment of every day with one's lover.  Hopefully after this song your friends and family will definitely know the days of the week by heart!

8. “Super Shy-New Jeans

"Super Shy" is a song by South Korean girl group NewJeans. This song depicts the nervousness and awkwardness felt when falling in love and confessing for the first time.  It alludes to the throw back cartoon “Power Puff Girls” that will have all your 90’s friends reminiscing. Picking this Korean karaoke song will showcase your passion for Korean pop music!


9 "Fantastic Baby" - BIGBANG

Throw back Thursday summer hits is legendary "Fantastic Baby" by BIGBANG. This timeless anthem has everything you need for an epic karaoke finale - powerful vocals, an unforgettable chorus, and a whole lot of swag. Although BIGBANG is not as relevant in present day, this throwback is still a BOP.

10. "Boombayah" - BLACKPINK

Closing our summer playlist is BLACKPINK's explosive debut single "Boombayah." This high-energy track will have you jumping, dancing, and feeling like a superstar. It's the ideal song to end a memorable summer day with a bang.

In Conlusion K-Pop has an extensive catalog of feel-good and exciting tracks that are tailor-made for the summer season. Whether you're looking for upbeat dance anthems or catchy tunes to relax, this playlist of the best K-Pop summer karaoke songs is sure to keep you grooving all season long. So, turn up the volume, and let the K-Pop bring you to a world of fun, adventure, and unforgettable memories! Happy summer and happy karaoke!


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