Which Karaoke app is the best: Karafun or Singa

Back in the days we would see KJs or DJs bring in their laptops and call people up to the stage to sing their favorite karaoke songs.  We've upgraded so much since those times to having full on touch screen karaoke machines.  Although there are newer alternatives to live karaoke, some companies like the old school approach of having a DJ handle the crowd.  Common apps for stage karaoke are Karafun and Singa.  Both apps hold a competitive space in the karaoke world and for good reason.  They make it simple for users to pick and select songs with their extensive library.  In this blog, we will go over which app is better and why.

Karafun -

Karafun is well known in the karaoke industry as it has been around for 17+ years.  Most of us have heard about Karafun, especially the free karaoke videos they offer on YouTube.  A lot of bars, music venues, and restaurants still use Karafun till this day.  Karafun provides an affordable way to host karaoke night in any setting.  Their business plan for the app is $229/month per karaoke room.  

Singa -

Singa, a competitor of Karafun, is also a karaoke app that has an extensive library of music.  They target private karaoke rooms, bars, and music venues.  Singa offers a way for customers to request songs through their app which is a pretty cool function.  Singa is more expensive than karafun but the UI looks way better.  I personally think Singa is a better app but I'm not sure if the price is worth it.

So which Karaoke App is Better? -

Both apps have competitive features that make each app attractive.  I like Karafun for it's pricing and Singa for it's user interface.  All in all I believe most people will lean towards karafun just because it's simple and gets the job done.  It's hard to beat competitive pricing especially in the US market.


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