Top Coachella 2024 song to karaoke


Going to Coachella is a dream for some people.  It’s a festival where all the top rising artists perform with the chance to bump into celebrities and stars.  However Coachella prices can be a hefty price including the ticket itself, lodging, flights and food.  For those who have the Coachella spirit but not the wallet, here are our top Coachella 2024 songs to karaoke.  

1 Lana del Rey- Video Games

Lana del Rey has an iconic voice and presence about her.  The 38 year old hitmaker took the stage headlining act on Friday night and also sparked a $28K fine as her set went over the time limit.  It was well worth it as she delivered a phenomenal performance including Billie Eillish presence.  She performed video games and Eillish sang Ocean eyes making this  a historical duo.

2 Billie Eillish- Ocean Eyes

Billie Eillish headlined at previous Coachella years and fans were so surprised as she made a guest appearance belting next to Lana del Rey.  Ocean eyes is a hauntingly beautiful ballad capturing the feeling of being lost in someone’s gaze.  The song’s minimalistic production paired with Eillish angelic yet powerful voice makes this song so enjoyable to play in your next Coachella karaoke session.

3 Doja Cat- Kiss Me More

Doja Cat's performance at Coachella was nothing short of electrifying, igniting the stage with her dynamic presence and energy. With her trademark blend of rap, R&B, and pop, she captivated the crowd from the moment she stepped onto the stage. From the pulsating beats of "Say So" to the sultry vibes of "Streets," Doja Cat effortlessly showcased her versatility as an artist, keeping the audience on their feet and fully engaged throughout the set. “Kiss Me More” released in 2021 and topped many radios and charts.  It features Sza, also another amazing artist with a unique voice.  This duo combined their talents and produced this addictive and catchy song.

4 Sabrina Carpenter-Espresso

This girl has been blowing up Tikok and social media worldwide.  Influencers have been using her soundtrack as backgrounds to their videos and dancers creating catchy choreographies. People have been raving about her Coachella performance and sharing footages of her new beau Barry Keoghan. We are guessing this song will be a viral and on repeat throughout the summer 2024.

5 Le Sserafim- Perfect Night 

Le Sserafim is a South Korean girl group composed of 5 members: Sakura, Kim Chae won, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha and Hong Eun chae.  THey have debuted on May 2022 and released their viral hit Perfect Night a year afterwards topping the chart for months. The group’s name, Le Sserafim, is an anagram of the phrase “I’m Fearless”. Although not widely well received in Coachella crowd, this group has great potential and hopefully this would’ve been a learning experience for the group.

Coachaella 2024 was more than just a music festival; it was a cultural phenomenon that transcended music and touched fashion, culture and lifestyle.  As the desert sun set on each day, it illuminated not just stages and performers but also the collective spirit of unity, diversity and creativity.  Coachella 2024 wasn’t just an event-it was a celebration of life, art, and the boundless potential of human expression. 

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