Top 10 Favorite Mariah Carey Karaoke Songs to Sing

I know a lot of people will be happy with this karaoke song list.  Mariah Carey you are up.  If you are brave enough to pick one of her songs on the next karaoke night, we applaud you.  The difficulty of her songs are super hard and if you want to, you can even attempt her famous whistle note.

10 Best Mariah Carey Karaoke Songs For Karaoke:

Mariah Carey Emotions

Mariah Carey, the undisputed queen of vocal prowess, has graced us with an array of soulful tunes that are nothing short of karaoke gold. Elevate your singing sessions with these handpicked Mariah Carey karaoke songs that guarantee a stellar performance.

1. Emotions

Feel the highs and lows with "Emotions," a vocal rollercoaster that showcases Mariah's incredible range. Let the audience witness your vocal acrobatics as you navigate through this timeless classic.

2. Fantasy

Transport yourself to a musical realm of joy with "Fantasy." This upbeat anthem is a crowd-pleaser, and its infectious energy will have everyone on their feet. Perfect for setting the karaoke night on fire.

Mariah Carey Hero

3. Hero

Unleash the hero within as you belt out the empowering lyrics of "Hero." This ballad is not just a song; it's an emotional journey. Sing it with passion, and watch the room be captivated by your rendition.

4. Vision of Love

For a soul-stirring performance, choose "Vision of Love." Mariah's debut single remains a classic, and your rendition will echo through the hearts of everyone in the room. Embrace the vulnerability and let your voice shine.

We Belong Together

5. We Belong Together

Tap into the heartfelt emotions of love and loss with "We Belong Together." This chart-topper is a karaoke favorite, and your delivery of its poignant lyrics will leave a lasting impression.

6. Always Be My Baby

Celebrate love's enduring nature with "Always Be My Baby." This feel-good anthem is perfect for a group karaoke session, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and joy.

7. Touch My Body

Inject a dose of playfulness into your karaoke night with "Touch My Body." Mariah's flirty and fun side comes alive in this track, making it an entertaining choice for a lighthearted performance.

Mariah Carey Obsessed

8. Obsessed

Channel your inner diva with the sassy and bold "Obsessed." This track allows you to showcase your attitude and charisma, making it an ideal choice for those who want to command the stage.

9. Shake It Off

Embrace positivity and resilience with "Shake It Off." This upbeat anthem encourages letting go of negativity, and your lively rendition will inspire everyone to shake off their worries and join the fun.

All I want For Christmas Is You

10. All I Want for Christmas Is You

Cap off your karaoke night with a festive twist by choosing the timeless holiday classic, "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Spread joy, laughter, and Mariah's holiday spirit with this merry tune.

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