Tips to look good and sound good with KARAOKE

Whether you sing well or you just want to sing your lungs out here are tips that you need to consider so you can perform well on your next karaoke night!

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Choose a song that you like and feels easy for you.

When the song feels easy, you can focus more on telling the story, connecting with the crowd, and having fun. You might have a little performance anxiety! It’s completely normal – even professional singers get nervous sometimes – but if you’re also concerned about hitting that high note, it’s not ideal. Just relax yourself and enjoy your song.

It’s all about finding your range, and then finding songs that fit your range.


Warming up your voice

Warming up is about more than just “warming up” the muscles involved in singing. It’s about establishing the voice coordination you’ll need to sing well - coordination like engaging your belly muscles or dropping your jaw for certain high or low pitches. It also helps to ease your nerves when you’ve sung higher and lower (in a warm-up) than your song requires. Once you are done warming up you are ready to rock the night with your family or friends.

Get familiar with the lyrics.

You can read the lyrics on the screen, but you can't perform well if you are reading it the whole time, right? Get familiar with the lyrics and the melody so you can use the lyrics on the screen as your back up in case you forgot the lyrics.

Practice runs.

I love to sing! I know from personal experience: the more prepared I am, the more I enjoy my performance. Plus, I’m more confident because I’ve already had several successful performances (at home). Try to do some practice runs so you can memorize the lyrics and melody of the songs you want to perform.

Engage your audience.

The goal of every performance – karaoke or otherwise – is to connect with your audience. Of course, we want to sound good and look good. But even more than that, we want to have fun and invite the crowd to have fun with us! When you’re on that stage, focus on telling the story, and show them how well you can perform with your favorite song! 

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